All Catering Events are Based on 100 People!

When you plan your wedding at The Landing, you receive the excellent service of our very own catering staff. Listed below are the items that come with the standard menu price along with other options you can add on to make your wedding everything you dreamed of.

-Tastefully skirted buffet tables

-Freshly prepared food all on site

-Classy disposable napkins, dinner plates and salad plates

-Real silverware

-Salt & Pepper shakers on each table

-On-site catering staff

-Professionally dressed servers to assist all needs including bussing the tables throughout your event

-Coffee station with creamers, sugar, stirrers, teabags and hot chocolate (seasonally)

Linen Napkins
China Dinner and Salad Plates
Water Goblets
Water Carafes for Each Table
After Dinner Snacks (Pretzels & Cheese, Cookies & Milk, Popcorn Bar)